JACKSON FIREFIGHTERS ASSOCIATION: The Association represents local firefighter/EMTs in the town of Jackson. Our firefighters respond to fire and medical emergencies from Station 1, in downtown Jackson and Station 7, in Adams Canyon.

The Jackson Firefighters Association provides funding for firefighter training courses and continuing education, life saving equipment aboard our fire apparatus as well as emergency funds for the families of local fallen or injured firefighters. Last year, the Association purchased a new cardiac monitor for Medic 10, our downtown and busiest ambulance. This new monitor allows us to transmit EKG rhythms to the hospital to better and more rapidly diagnose heart attacks in the field. The Association also helped to purchase a new fire engine for Station 7, which was put into service last summer and protects the Melody Ranch and Rafter J area. Simply put, the Association is there for local firefighters just like those men and women are there for the Jackson community.

FIREMAN’S BALL: The Ball is the Association’s primary means of generating revenue for measures not provided by County funding, such as those listed above. For the past 75 years, the Firefighters Association has been hosting the Fireman’s Ball, making it one of the oldest traditions in our valley. We will have local food vendors, live and silent auctions, gun raffles and of course, ice cold beer and cocktails served by Jackson’s bravest.